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You know that you should be using video and talking on Facebook lives, but you’re putting it off because you lack the confidence to do it, you don't know what to say, and you wish your mind didn’t go blank as soon as you see 1… 2… 3… and go live.

Talking on camera for Facebook lives, or video ads can be intimidating! It takes us out of our comfort zone, and for many, it’s a nerve-wracking encounter best avoided…. I can help you to speak from the soul, and connect to your audience. And why is this so important?

Online video now accounts for half of all mobile traffic… This means that people aren’t reading stuff, they’re watching videos, and if you’re not making videos people aren’t buying your business.

Why Video matters for your Business

Talking on camera isn’t just for out-going, confident extroverts. Using video is a guaranteed way to grow your business, increase your reach, and engage with your potential clients.

As an introvert, I have learned ways to embrace video, and treat the camera as my friend. I personally find talking on Facebook Live or in video ad campaigns much less intimidating than networking at an event, or talking to strangers.

And why is this so important?

Because by 2018, video will take up 79% of consumer internet traffic…

This means that people are watching videos, and if you’re not talking on video, and selling your wares on video, then your business isn’t visible!

Facebook Lives is one of the most effective – and FREE – ways to market your business on the internet!


The more comfortable you become doing Facebook Lives, the better it will be for your business

Online video is the THE marketing tool of the moment, and accounts for almost three quarters of all online traffic.

The success of video marketing shouldn’t come as a surprise – people have been watching television for decades.

People TRUST the people they see on video everyday. They think they KNOW them! You too can gain that trust, and when people trust you, they buy from you. Fall in LOVE with Facebook Lives and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

You have a gift to share with the world

You have a story to tell that can inspire and motivate others.

You can connect your audience to your story, and be the person that you always knew that you could be.

Being able to engage authentically with your audience is so powerful!

You can build a loyal tribe, and you can quickly hop on Facebook live and tell your group how you’re feeling, or what you’ve learned…. Can you imagine? It takes you 5 minutes to do a Facebook live? And it takes you an hour to write a blog post… and which gets the most engagement? Which is more powerful? And ultimately, which will drive your business more effectively?


Camera confidence to highlight the best version of you

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Pretty enough? Thin enough? Or too old to go in front of the camera? Are you putting off using video because of how you feel about yourself?

For years, I hid in the background, I was the go-to person to sort out someone’s script, help them tell their story, and get them camera ready.

For many years I worked as a TV reporter travelling the world, and often my worries about my appearance stopped me from taking many amazing opportunities to put myself out there. I was scared to shine my light.

I’ve learned how to harness my fears, and portray myself authentically. Get the confidence you crave! You can present yourself as the person that you have always longed to be… because perception can become YOUR reality. Yes, weight, and hair, and clothes can hold you back from doing a Facebook Live, but I promise, you can absolutely ROCK THIS!

It's about how confident you feel inside and out. Being truly YOU is so powerful, and that is the unique and wonderful selling point of your brand and business. I’ve interviewed some of the most photographed and talked about women on the planet from Hillary Clinton to Nicole Kidman.

I can promise you that confidence radiates down the lens – regardless of your looks or age.

Are you ready to shine?

Your Instructor

Lucy Griffiths
Lucy Griffiths

Hello Gorgeous,

I’m Lucy Griffiths! I was the girl with big dreams. After university, I became a TV news reporter and travelled around the world working for a major news organisation and got to witness history in the making – I followed Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world, I interviewed Hollywood film stars, and I reported on earthquakes, tsunamis, and conflicts.

I've worked with the best camera crews, make up artists, and directors, and after 20 years of working in TV and radio I want to share the tricks and tips that I've learned to help you look good on camera.

I've been training TV reporters and journalists how to connect more authentically on camera since 2006. In the process I've trained reporters who are now anchors on CNN, and regularly appear on TV for BBC, CBS News, Bloomberg, AP, Sky and a host of TV stations around the world from North Korea to Kurdistan.

I learned that it doesn't matter how you look, or how expensive your fancy French designer outfit is, that if you're not confident in your self, then it comes across on camera. I learned that many Hollywood actors or politicians do not connect with an audience because they are not confident on camera. I've learned that beauty is very skin deep, and good lighting and a make-up artist can make even the most exhausted of us feel amazing, and seriously boost your confidence.

As an introvert, I spent a long time hiding my "voice" and being afraid to put myself out there professionally, and personally. I learned how to overcome my fears, and just do it.. and I can share my strategies, and research with you.

I also back up my strategies with proven research - yes, I have a Masters in Coaching - so I can share the psychological, and physiological reasons that we do the things we do, and how you can retrain your brain to feel more confident.

In case you want to know the technical stuff…. I spent twenty years working in journalism and television reporting and producing for television, radio and newspapers. I have a Masters in Personal and Business Coaching, a Masters in International Journalism, and a BA Honours in Communications and various diplomas from different coaching bodies including certificates in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), DISC Personality Profiling, and the Human Given Technique.

I can't wait to get to know you more!


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